“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.” — Henry David Thoreau

Anything is possible if you make it happen.

My name is Jess Petrohoy and I’m a graphic designer from Pennsylvania, United States. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design and a Minor in German Language from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. My areas of expertise include branding, marketing, photography, and graphic design. I love branding, and I understand how to recognize and manipulate a brand’s identity through various media. Creating a memorable mark for one’s brand is what will make the difference in its longevity.


Pennsylvania Dutch folk art, wood block prints, screen printing, poster design, William Christenberry, Saul Bass, David Airey, architecture, microns, rotted wood, history, and texture to name a few!

Other things I like

Death Cab for Cutie, cameras, my family, photography, line art, the color PMS 1805, keyboard shortcuts, driving, exploring, antiques, summer, ford pintos, sunflowers, and pierogies.

I aspire to

Travel the country if not the entire world and photograph everything I see. In thirty years from now, what is now, will no longer be. Photography and design alike provide timestamps and documentation of culture, people, places, etc. at a given time. I aspire to be a part of something memorable.